Professor Dr. Krassimir Metodiev, M.D., Ph.D.,, FUICC, FHMO, FNRH
Professor, Head Dept. Immunology, Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria, specialities: immunology, microbiology (National consultant of the Ministry of Health)
Also: President, International Medical Association "Bulgaria"
Bulgaria, 9002 Varna, 55 M. Drinov str., Medical University, Dept. Immunology,
Tel. +359-52-634107, Fax: +359-52-634107, Mobile: +359-888-712407
Private: Bulgaria, 9103 Zvezditza, Varna District, 12-th Street, N. 22, tel/fax +359-52-379777
born 18 December 1950, Bulgarian nationality; Religion: Greek Orthodox Church
Educational status, titles:
- English College graduated 1969
- Medical University graduated 1975
- Ph.D. Thesis, title granted 1982
-, title granted 1989
- Associate Professor, title granted 1990
- Full University Professor, title granted 1995
Post-graduate, qualification (only major courses and enrollments):
- Inst.Infectious & Parasitic Diseases, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1978 (2 months)
- Inst.Transplantation & Artificial Organs, Moscow, Russia, 1980-1983 (Ph.D. Thesis)
- Inst.Urology, Nephrology & Transplantation, Kiev, Ukraine, 1985-1988 (D.Sc. Thesis)
- Medical Faculty, Internal Clinic, ISAO Course, Rostock, Germany, 1990 (10 days)
- Transplant Unit, Course "Hands on Renal Failure", Portsmouth, England, 1991(10 days)
- Sheba University Hospital, Autoimmunity and Oncology, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1992 (3 months)
- ISAO Headquarters, Chicago, USA, 1995 (1 week)
- Munich University, Inst.Immunology, Munich, Germany, 1995 (20 days)
- Munich University, Inst.Immunology, Munich, Germany, 1997 (15 days)
- Munich University, Inst.Immunology, Munich, Germany, 1999 (1 month)
- Norway Cancer Registry, Oslo, Norway, February-March 1998 (Intl.Union Against Cancer, UICC fellowship)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Oncology, Oslo, Norway, September 1998 (1 month research project)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Immunomorphology, Oslo, Norway, March 1999 (20 day research project)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway, October 2000 (1 month guest-professor)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway, June-July 2001 (2 months guest-professor and su-pervisor of 3 research projects, cancer immunology)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway, June-July 2002 (2 months guest-professor and su-pervisor of 3 research projects, cancer immunology)
- Norway Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway, September 2003 (1 month guest-professor and su-pervisor of 3 research projects, cancer immunology)
- Ulm University, Germany, Course on Antibiotic resistance and nosocomial infections, round-table coordinator, October 2003
- Norway Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway, October 2004, finalizing the supervision of three research projects on oncoimmunology
Visiting professor (guest-professor, invited lecturer, chairperson):
1. AHEPA University Hospital, Renal Unit, Thessaloniki, Greece (2 times, 1990, 1992),
2. Bratislava Medical Faculty, Slovakia (1991),
3. Sheba University Hospital, Tel-Hashomer, Israel (1992),
4. Chiang-Mai University, Thailand (1992),
5. AKZO Nobel Wuppertal, Germany (1992),
6. Quito University, Equador (1992),
7. HemaGen, St.Louis, USA (1993),
8. Brest University, France (1994),
9. Munich University, Germany (1995, 1997, 1999),
10. Medical Faculty, Macedonian University, Skopje, Macedonia (1996),
11. Inst.Immunology, Munich-Germany (1997, 1999),
12. RAA Conference (resistance, antimicrobial agents, chemotherapy), Monte Carlo (1997) - Chairman of the Ple-nary Symposium,
13. The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Inst. Cancer Research, Oslo (1998 - Winner of ICRETT Award, UICC-Geneva),1998, followed by enrollment as a guest-professor at the Norwegian Inst. Cancer Research: 1999 + 2000 + 2001 + 2002 + 2003 - each time for 1-2 months serving as a guest-professor and supervisor of 3 research projects (can-cer immunology, infectious complications in cancer patients, immunotherapy)
14. Chile-Santiago University, British Council for Latin America (Oncology, Microbiology, Health-care), September 2000,
15. European Society for Chemotherapy, June 2001, Istanbul,
16. Bergen-Norway, June 2002, Immunocompromised Host Society Meeting,
17. Milan-Italy, Clinical Microbiology&Infectious Diseases, 2002,
18. Chieti University, Chieti-Italy, guest-professor and lecturer, May 2004,
19. Mediterranean Congress of Chemotherapy, Limasol, Cyprus, chairman of a symposium, Dead sea medical semi-nar, Israel, round-table coordinator, 2004,
20. World Congress of Chemotherapy, Manila, Philippines, chairman of a symposium, 2005,
21. Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel, visiting professor, 1995-2005, every year working visits,
22. Guest-professor at Ulm University (Germany), 2005
Participation (congresses, symposia) with plenary lectures, oral or poster presentations:
- in most of the European countries (many times), also USA (7 times), Japan (2 times), Australia (2 times), Israel (many times), Thailand, Equador, Brazil (2 times), Bali-Indonesia, Philippines, etc. (altogether over 50 countries)
- the majority of congresses attended is organized on behalf of ISAO, EDTA, ESAO, Transplantation Society, Blood Purification, Cancer, Immunology, Chemotherapy, Neuro-oncology, Microbiology, Clinical Microbiol-ogy, Infectious Diseases, Cardio-Nephrology, Resistance to Antimicrobial Agents, ISC, ESC, ICHS, ESMID, etc.
List of most important publications:
published papers in: Transplantation Proceedings, J.Artificial Organs, J.Progress in Artificial Organs, ISAO, EDTA and ESAO Abstract Books, J.Life Support Systems, J.Chemotherapy of Infectious Diseases and Malignancies, J.Blood Purification, The Intl. J.Artificial Organs, Zeitschrift fur Antimikrobielle-Antineoplastische Chemotherapie, J.Cancer Research, J.Immunologic Methods, J.Microbiology, Epidemiology & Immunology, Sepsis, Chemotherapy, Intl. J. Sur-gery, Intl. J. Immunopathology & Pharmacology, Intl. J. Surgical Pathology, Intl. J. Infectious Diseases, Intl. J. Pathol-ogy, J. Histology&Pathology, J. NATO Science Series, etc.
Professional and research interests:
clinical immunology, infectious and cancer immunology, immunomodulation, transplantation immunology, oncol-ogy, chemotherapy, clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, antibiotic sensitiveness, immunodeficiency, immunomor-phology, cell therapy, stem cells
- Diplomas for specialities: immunology, microbiology
Issued books:
5 books (for specialists) and 1 text-book (for students), 1 book with poems (not professional)
1 Book NATO Science Series “Risk Infections and Possibilities for Biomedical Terrorism”, IOS Press, Amsterdam
Journal of ISAO (Cleveland-Chicago, USA), 1987-1991, 1997-present;
Intl.J.Immunopathology and Pharmacology (Italy), 1999-present;
Editor-in-Chief, Annual Scientific Journal IMAB, Bulgaria (1994-present),
Reviewer of UICC fellowship applications (UICC-Geneva, 2000-present)
European J. Inflammation, Editorial Board member, 2002-present
NATO Science Series, IOS Press, editor of a book, 2004
ECTA Bulletin&Newsletter, 2005
1) Union of Bulgarian Physicians (Board member), 2) Union of Bulgarian Scientists (Board member), 3) Interna-tional Medical Association "Bulgaria"-IMAB (President), 4) International Society for Artificial Organs-ISAO, 5) Euro-pean Society for Chemotherapy of Infections and Malignancies, 6) EDTA, 7) International Society for Organ Sharing, 8) European Association for Neuro-Oncology (EANO), 9) In-ternational Society for Chemotherapy (Associate Board Member), 10) European Committee on Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing - EUCAST (Board Member of the Executive Committee), 11) Israel Medical Association, 12) Fellow of UICC (International Union Against Cancer, Geneva-Switzerland), 13) International Immunocompromised Host Society, 14) European Society of Chemotherapy (Board member), 15) FEMS (Board member), 16) National Kidney Foundation, USA, 17) ECTA, member, 18) Hadassah Medical Organization, Israel, fellow and honorable member
First Award for presented paper, Montreaux, Switzerland, Biennual Conference of Chemotherapy of Infections and Malignancies, 1989; Grants for congress presentations in: Tokyo (1990, World Nephrology Congress), Sydney (1988, Transplantation Congress), Paris (1992, EDTA Congress), San Diego (Blood Purification, 1993), Bali-Indonesia (Chemotherapy, 1993), Honorable Medal of the American Kidney Foundation (1995), Glasgow (Chemotherapy, 1996), ICRETT-UICC (International Union Against Cancer) Award '98, Geneva (1998), Award of the Society for General Microbiology UK (Sydney, 1999), Award Winner, Immunocompromised Host Society Meeting, Bergen-Norway, 2002; Award Winner, ICHS Meeting, Granada, Spain, 2004
in Bulgaria:
Golden Badge for Outstanding Scientific Achievements (Union of Bulgarian Scientists, 1989),
Golden Badge "Doctor of the Year in Bulgaria" (Union of Bulgarian Physicians, 1997),
Jubilee Medal of IMAB (2000), Honorable Diploma of the Ministry of Health (1999)
CV in Who's Who in The World , 16-th, 17-th and 18-th edition (1998-99-2000),
Diploma for International Man of the Year 1999 (Cambridge-UK, Intl.Biographical Center - 1999),
Honorable Medal of the National Kidney Foundation (USA, 1995), Honorable professor and fellow of the Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel, 2000

personal invitation and audience in Vatican, meeting and conversation with His Holiness The Pope John Paul II (1991, representing Bulgarian medicine)

Experience in National and International activities for the benefit of different organizations: as President of IMAB, only for the recent 10 years, more than 250 grants for short- and long-term specialization and travel con-gress scholarships and funds, have been raised and confirmed, based on very active contacts of Kr.Metodiev all over the world (IMAB Regional Offices in Israel, USA, 12 European countries), with various organizations, foundations, non-government, national and international societies and private companies and institutions.

Kr. Metodiev is also one of the founders and first vice-president of the European Association of Young Medical Sci-entists (term 1989-1990, Heidelberg-Berlin) with a serious impact for raising funds, granting scholarships, financial support from different sources for organization of annual meetings, etc.
From 1990 until now IMAB organizes its annual assemblies fully sponsored, based on the respectful name of the President.
IMAB and the Scientific Affairs Division of NATO organized the Conference on bioterrorism in Varna, Bulgaria, May 2003, and Kr.Metodiev was the Director of this programme of NATO, later invited as a consultant for this topic at various conferences in Europe (Bratislava-Slovak Republic, Ulm-Germany, Florence-Italy). IMAB is the biggest international medical non-government organization in East Europe, including medical doctors, dental doctors, biologist, pharmacologists, biochemists, health-care organizers, health managers, etc. - for the benefit of health-care and medical science.
The Motto of IMAB is: Semper Eadem, Paratus et Fidelis (in Latin)

Marital status:
married, wife (biologist-researcher, specialist in clinical laboratory, PhD-thesis on stem and dendritic cells as anti-cancer therapy), 1 son (financial advisor at Prudential and MetLife USA, St.Louis, Missouri)

English (fluent), German (very good), Russian (very good), Bulgarian (native),
Greek (communicative)

Highest honour for The President of IMAB - The Jubilee Medal of IMAB has been granted to Prof. Dr. Krassimir Metodiev by Sir Deputy Mayor of Varna City Assoc. Prof. Dr. Borris Kornovski, in the presence of The Bulgarian Minister of Health Dr. Ilko Semerdjiev and Her Highness The Princess Theophana von Sachsen (Germany). 18 December, 2000 - 50th Jubileee birthday of Prof. Metodiev, Varna, Bulgaria.

Prof. Dr. Krassimir Metodiev as a member of the Government Delegation with The Prime-Minister of Bulgaria Phillip Dimitrov, in Israel, 1992

Guest-professor at Jerusalem University and Hadassah Medical Center

Guest-professor at Glasgow University